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Summertime and the writing of this column is easy….sometimes. Here we are again with four chosen artists that you, the music buying public, need to know about with myself, Mark Sharpley. This week we start with…



Welsh rockers Manic Street Preachers return with their twelfth album, Futurology. Going in a totally different direction from last years Rewind The Film, it features collaborations with Cate Le Bon, Cian Ciaran, Georgia Ruth, Nina Hoss and Green Gartside from Scritti Politti (remember them?). Very diverse and European indeed. The album is out now and is available on the Columbia Records label, this is the first single called “Walk Me To The Bridge”.  | Manic Street Preachers on iTunes


Ladies and gentlemen, Morrissey has returned to the fold with his new solo album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. 5 years since the release of Years Of Refusal and Mozza is in fine form, despite recent health issues. If anyone has bought his autobiography, they will know that no one has escaped his dark wit but even that hasn’t stopped him from giving Pamela Anderson a cameo in the video for “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet”. Available on the Harvest/Capitol Records label, this indeed is the video (minus Pam, sorry) for “Earth Is The Loneliest Planet”  Morrissey on iTunes


Adding some British steel to this week’s column, Judas Priest are here with their new album, Redeemer Of Souls. This is their seventeenth album and it’s the first without founding member KK Downing, but does feature his replacement Richie Faulkner. Writing started in 2011 when the rumour mill was churning out reports that Judas Priest had recorded their last ever material and Glenn Tipton has described the album as “a mixed bag”, but it’s something that will appease all fans of the Priest. Available on the Epic/Colombia Records label, this is the title track “Redeemer Of Souls”.  | Judas Priest on iTunes


And finally this week, it is Chicago’s own Rise Against and the release of their new album, The Black Market. The publicity for the album has been short and sweet with the band teasing their fans with mini videos for the new release, but now the wait is over and the fans can expect great things from these guys who are excellently filling the void left by System Of A Down at the moment. Available on the DGC/Interscope labels, this is the single “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore”.  | Rise Against on iTunes 

So there you have it for another week, join me next week without the distraction of the World Cup to let you know of the four artists you need to know about. Keep on keeping on….

— Mark Sharpley

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