My Four: Four Tracks You Need to Know About 20

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the year…the artists you need to know about are still coming!
Join me as we take note of what’s out there this week. We begin with…



Buffalo metalcore outfit Every Time I Die release their new album this week titled, From Parts Unknown. This is their seventh studio album since being formed in 1998 by brothers Keith and Jordan Buckley and they and guitarist Andy Williams (no, not that one..) are still part of the lineup today. They have even supported Jackass stunt person Steve-O in their early years too. Available on the Epitaph label, this is the single “Decayin’ With The Boys”.


Coming out of Brooklyn, indie rockers Beverly release their debut album Careers. A very fledgling band (they only formed last year), Beverly consists of just Frankie Rose and Drew Citron, both are very well known in the Brooklyn indie music scene. Not that having just two members in a band is bad thing, just ask Jack White. Available on the Kanine Records label, this is their single “Honey Do”.


Hailing from Glasgow, Remember Remember are here with the release of their new album, Forgetting The Present. You will find no singing on this one as it’s fully instrumental as all their music has been. Since 2006, the band has gone from just founder Graeme Ronald to a more balanced number of 7 and the music still sounds great. Available on the Rock Action label, this is “Magnets”.    


And finally this week, its the turn of South African alternative metallers Seether and the release of their new album Isolate And Medicate. Formed in Pretoria in 1999, they were originally know as Saron Gas before making the name change in 2002. This is their sixth studio album and have also boasted drummer Josh Freese in their lineup, albeit just to fill in the drumming blanks. Available on the Bicycle Music Company/Concord Music Group labels, this is the single “Words As Weapons”.


And that’s it for another week!  Join me again on another hunt for the four artists you need to know about. Keep on keeping on…

— Mark Sharpley

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