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In the midst of all the World Cup madness, it’s time again to check out the four artists
you need to know about with myself, Mark Sharpley. This week we begin with…


Former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley returns this week with his new solo album, Space Invader. It’s been no secret that things haven’t been quite platonic between the original members of Kiss but the Space Ace proves he can still rock with the best of them. Just don’t let Paul Stanley know that. Available on the eOne label, this is the single “Gimme A Feelin'”.
Ace Frehley on iTunes


Vermont’s own Phish return this week with their new album, Fuego. This is their first release since 2009’s Joy and in the days of ever changing lineups, the 20 year familiarity of the band remains on the album too. Originally titled Wingsuit, the new album is a mixture of rock, soul, reggae and bluegrass. It’s an album for everyone. Available on the JEMP label, this is the single “555”.
Phish on iTunes


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, heavy metal outfit Mastadon return with their new album, Once More ‘Round The Sun. Described as having a mix of Alice In Chains and The Deftones, this particular album was being written and demoed when they were on tour like all good rock bands do. And the eagle eyed amongst you will notice the album cover is by Oakland artist Skinner too. Available on the Reprise label, this is the single “Chimes At Midnight”.
Mastadon on iTunes


Hailing, well from just about everywhere really, the excellently named A Sunny Day In Glasgow release their new album, Sea When Absent this week. Ben Daniels is the only original member left of the band, which at one point included his sisters as well. Never the less, with a more settled lineup this is their fourth album and promises to be just as good as the previous efforts. Available on the Lefse label, this is the single “In Love With Useless”.
A Sunny Day in Glasgow on iTunes

And that’s about your lot for this week!  Join me again next week as we continue the golden search for the four artists you need to know about. Keep on keeping on…

— Mark Sharpley

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