My Four: Four Tracks You Need to Know About 13

Another week and another dose of four more artists you need to know about with me, Mark Sharpley.
And we begin this week with…


After the success of El Camino, The Black Keys return with their new album Turn Blue. Produced by Danger Mouse, the promo for this was quite different. If you can get Mike Tyson to tweet about it, then it must be worth a look. But Mr Tyson can be quite persuasive I’ve heard. Available on the Nonesuch label, this is the single “Fever”. | The Black Keys on iTunes


Miss Tori Amos is back with us once again with the release of her new album, Unrepentant Geraldines. This album is the result of a lot of searching for new methods of musical expression and Amos has described it as “different snapshots of her life and things she’s observed”. It’s always nice to have you back, Tori. Available on the Mercury Classics label, this is the single “Trouble’s Lament”. | Tori Amos on iTunes 


Punk ska outfit The Mad Caddies release their new album this week, entitled Dirty Rice. It’s been 7 years since the release of their last album, Keep It Going, and had to sift through 25 songs before settling on a more reasonable amount. They have an extremely varied range of musical styles including, and I aint making this up, cowpunk and sea shanties. Worth a listen! Available on the Fat Wreck label, this is “Brand New Scar”. | The Mad Caddies on iTunes


And finally this week, it’s the turn of Swedish band Little Dragon and the release of their new album Nabuma Rubberband. The band acquired the name from the lead singer, Nagano, with it being her nickname due to the “fuming tantrums” she would encounter whilst recording. But she is talented enough to have collaborated with the likes of Gorillaz and DJ Shadow so having a fiery streak can get you far sometimes. Released on the Republic Records label, this is the single “Paris”. | Little Dragon on iTunes

And there you have it for another week!  Gather round once more and let us see into the musical future. Well, a week’s worth of future anyway. Keep on keeping on…

— Mark Sharpley

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