Misty Boyce: Spinning Plates

Photo by Ixchel Lara
Photo by Ixchel Lara

LA-based singer/songwriter, Misty Boyce has a new single out, “Spinning Plates.” A collaboration with friend and fellow artist, Saul Simon MacWilliams, the track has the lovely clear vocals and unique lyrical phrasing that gives Misty’s music its flair.

An acoustic track with a catchy melody, “Spinning Plates” opens with simple guitar before introducing the toe-tapping percussion that underpins the rest of the track.  The upbeat delivery effectively softens the song’s message about being left  and lyrics that ask, “So let me down easy.” Once again Misty demonstrates her ability as a songwriter to tackle serious subjects in such an uplifting and honest manner that you can’t help but embrace them, as you sing along. “Spinning Plates” is a great reminder of why we liked The Life – her full-length album released earlier this year – so much.

Give “Spinning Plates” a listen. Then, if you haven’t already done so, grab a copy of The Life to add to your music library.  Misty Boyce is the perfect music to chill to, whether your alone or with friends.

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