Melancholy and Mania: IAMX Releases The Unified Field

a scene from the video for "I Come With Knives" (instagram)
a scene from the video for “I Come With Knives” (instagram)

Anyone that has even so much as dipped a toe into the electronica or dance world knows the name Chris Corner and his musical/visual project, IAMX.  In February of last year, it was announced that Chris would begin work on the fifth IAMX album and the world has waited, until now.  The wait is over as The Unified Field is unleashed.

From the very first track, “I Come With Knives,” it becomes obvious that IAMX has once again managed to perfectly orchestrate music that opens the door of the mind to new and incredible worlds.  In a continual evolution, Chris has consistently pushed his own boundaries, taking himself and the listener to the next level with each new album and The Unified Field is no exception.

If I had to sum up the common denominator of the album in one word, it would be “humanness”:  the fear of it, the acceptance of it, the futility of trying to understand it, and inevitably the one thing that unifies us all.  While the lyrics of IAMX have always been laden with emotion and question, this album goes even further, taking us deeper into that vast question of who we are.  The title track sums it up as Chris sings, “Just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I don’t feel.  Just because I don’t believe doesn’t mean I don’t understand.  We are one in the unified field.”

Unlike the past IAMX albums, this was a collaboration.  Bringing in producer Jim Abiss as well as his former Sneaker Pimps partner, Liam Howe, allowed Chris the freedom to explore avenues as yet untraveled. Those familiar with the past work will find new sounds around every corner. But make no mistake, this album is still very IAMX.  The question is, will the creator or the listener ever be able to really pin down what that is?  I, for one, hope not.

From beginning to end, The Unified Field journeys between light and dark, melancholy and mania.  It is the rabbit hole, the breathless fall into the world of atomic skies and broken promises, the ever-changing and limitless world of Chris Corner and IAMX.  Have you taken the fall?

The Unified Field is available worldwide on March 22.  Get it now on iTunes  and Amazon.

— Paula Frank


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  • Thank you Paula. I need to sit down and listen to the whole album. I went back earlier today and watched some of his older mv’s and was reminded what a great performance artist Chris is. The message is delivered in so many ways by a someone who taps into all his talents.

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