Meet me in Orbit release Traveller EP

San Francisco dream-synth duo Meet Me In Orbit release their five track EP, Traveller next week.

Mixing synthpop and chillwave, the sonic atmosphere is unchanging throughout but it is as spacey a journey as you would expect with both vocals and synths being soothing and gentle.  Songs like “We are grown” will appeal to fans of Washed Out and M83.

What is clear from this release is that the structure of the songs stands up.  You can imagine them as pure in-your-face pop songs but the duo stick to their formula with an almost subconscious landscape of colourful arpeggios and hazy cosmic drive.

Meet Me In Orbit provide a safe, warm feeling through the use of analog synths which creates an air of nostalgia regardless of your age.  However, nostalgia can often be negative and despite the dreamy sounds there are often hints of melancholy.

The opening of “All We Can” has a gritty bass synth that stands out among the light, airy sounds that precede it and sentiments such as having a desire to be ‘light years away’ as well as ‘meet me in orbit’ (from “Enter the Night”) suggest a loneliness or a need for escape.

It’s an EP for all seasons and not as summery as its initial appearance.  

Traveller is released April 7.

Meet Me In Orbit online:
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