Make Room for Liza Anne’s New Single

We’ve all been there — a love you can’t hold onto because your significant other loves someone else. A song along the lines of an unrequited love, this is the story that Liza Anne (also known as Liza Odachowski) tells quite well.  It’s the lead single off her forthcoming album due out in Spring 2015 entitled “Room”.

The song enters with a haunting acoustic guitar and orchestral melody. Each folk-like beat of “Roomenvelopes Liza’s voice pushing the heartache to the forefront. Each lyric makes you feel that she has beaten herself up for wasting time with a man who wasn’t really in to her in the first place. “I should have known you didn’t want me, you never had room to want me.” It feels as if this relationship just ate her alive.

For those who are fans of Lorde and Daughter, Liza Anne’s “Room” is for you. The perfect blend of Lorde like vocals with heavy emotion met with Daughter’s instrumentation. It’s a recipe for musical success.

It’s hard to believe that Liza Anne is only in her early twenties. The scorn expressed within this acoustic number feels like she has been around for years. With that kind of talent, Liza Anne will be around for years to come.

Liza Anne on the web: | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube | Soundcloud | iTunes

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