Madison Olds empowers with new single, “Best Part of Me”

photo by Kaylee Smoke

“If I’m being honest I’m just insecure.”  This is the opening line to the new single Best Part of Me from pop singer-songwriter Madison Olds.  With this new song, Madison tackles feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and fear.  How many of us can relate especially during the past few months.  Yet, this song is anything but melancholy or sad.  Rather, Best Part of Me empowers that part of us that begging to be acknowledged and heard.  Written in a “moment of mental disparity”, this song reminds us that it’s ok to not be ok.  Sometimes you have to just sit on the floor and there is nothing wrong with that.  Beyond that, sometimes that is exactly what we need to get back in touch with ourselves and remember that great things can happen when we let ourselves feel it all.

“I can only imagine the anxiety, depression and anger people are feeling right now and I think ‘Best Part of Me’ can help to reassure that while it feels like the world is burning or even ending, it’s okay to take a day, cry it out and then get back in the saddle and kick some ass the next day,” says Madison.

With its happy sound and optimistic lyric line, Best Part of Me is a great reminder that self care and a good mental check in is more crucial than ever.  Check out this new song by Madison Olds and take some time for the best part of you!

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