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Scandinavia has had a lot of acts through the years and now Norway’s own Liquid Grey brings the Love Under Will EP to the forefront. To put it in a few words, this EP is a belter. First up is “Darkest Hour” and if you have listened to LQ’s previous work you will know that Wayne Hussey from The Mission produced his last album. His influence certainly shows in this darkly entertaining number. The second song is “Dream Harder”, a rock synth song that has a sound that HIM have been long associated with. This one definitely keeps in that vain too. “Rage” is the third song on this very impressive EP and gives off a very 80’s goth edge which The Mission would have been very proud to call their own. And the final track is the title track, “Love Under Will.” With LQ’s rasping vocals and dark guitars it bring the curtain down on an excellent release. There will always be room for this type of music, because to be fair, it never went anywhere. It just needed to be brought back to music’s attention. Liquid Grey certainly does that in abundance.

Give this a listen and give it a listen now. 

Love Under Will is available at:  iTunes  |  Amazon  |  emusic
Click here for additional outlets. 

— Mark Sharpley | @MarkSharpley1 

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