Love Out Loud: Warren Nomi’s Anthem for LGBT & Anti-Bullying Efforts

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“I’ve learned to survive the darkest of nights, cuz there’s always a tomorrow.”  These words, artist Warren Nomi hopes, will gain immortality in the fight against bullying, a sentiment which this writer shares.

Warren Nomi, who also goes by the altar ego “Nomi Madness?” is perhaps the hottest thing to happen to Hollywood, yet he has vastly, and unfortunately, gone unnoticed…until now.  When Cher passed up a chance to record a pop song instead opting for the single “Woman’s World,” this hot artist jumped at the opportunity, recording a song which could potentially resound as an anthem for LGBT and anti-bullying efforts.

“Love Out Loud” was recorded with a spirit of knowing and encouragement.  Evidenced by the passion in his voice, reminiscent of Darren Hayes, as well as Cher herself, Nomi believes what he sings: the only way to combat being knocked down is through love.

In showing that it’s not enough just to record an amazing single, which is the leading song from his upcoming debut album TimeWARPED, Nomi is taking this a huge step farther. The proceeds, in partnership with, will go to various charities aiding in the fight against bullying and homophobia.  If his smooth, dance-inspiring, hypnotic voice wasn’t enough, this alone is a reason to purchase the single and check him out.

Growing up the victim of bullying due to his own sexual orientation, Nomi understands all too well the pressures to conform and the consequence of being true to one’s self.  His penetrating song, moving you both rhythmically and emotionally, earns the right to be an instant hit and, with any luck, a way to skyrocket Warren Nomi into the public soundwaves.

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Purchase the song and donate to the anti-bullying and LGBT movement HERE

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Warren Nomi on the web:


— Aaron Wallace | @Aaronforever87

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