Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree


Comics aren’t just for boys, folks.  Frustrated by a lack of age appropriate comics for his daughter, award winning artist Charles Dowd created Lilith Dark, a dark fantasy comic about a spunky little girl with a wild imagination. As a meatloaf hating, beastie slaying kid with a fierce attitude, Lilith Dark is a strong and adventurous character young girls can look up to today. You won’t find a trace of flashy pink princess gear in this comic but you’ll find loads of creepy monsters, a dinosaur and a big brother who knows how fast a hedgehog can run when chased by a villain.

For the past two years Lilith Dark has been published online at  Through comic convention appearances and the magical world of social media, Lilith Dark has steadily gained fans.  Now with a few chapters of the comic under his belt, Charles Dowd wants to take Lilith Dark a step further. His goal is to get six chapters of Lilith Dark printed and in the hands of young kids everywhere in the form of a graphic novel called, Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree.  He’s chosen Kickstarter to help reach this goal and the campaign is getting a lot of support! The first goal was met within a week and it ensures the printing of 120 awesome pages of Lilith Dark in black and white. Visit the Kickstarter page and you’ll notice some extended goals for this project.  An important goal is the $8,000 level which will bring Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree to life in full color, the way this graphic novel deserves to exist. Creepy monsters in full color? YES.

So while Charlie is busy finalizing the art and storyline for this awesome graphic novel, check out the Lilith Dark Kickstarter. Consider contributing to a project that will fill the gap for powerful girl mentors in the world of comics:

Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree: A Graphic Novel

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Charles Dowd

Lilith Dark


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