Life’s Floor Show

The Artist D

Life is the stage. And “stage” could be defined as both of its definitions.

It is a production stage, like the theater. Where a show is presented and it includes good and bad, dark and light, and happy to sad.

We are here to love and hate, to get angry and to get happy. This is evident in our wide range of uncontrollable emotions. We have such a great desire to be good and then some others have a great desire to be bad. There’s nothing but a range of everything, literally everything from emotions to colors to tastes to preference to highs vs lows.

There is no wrong answer on this stage, or in this stage. Speaking of it as a stage of existence, a certain level. That would explain why everything is as it is.

We are here in this form for whatever moment of time where we get to feel this pulling in all directions over the stage. Some humans gravitate one way or the other, but then others are all over the map with their emotions from negative to positive and back again.

This came to me as a thought in the middle of the night and it slowly worked itself out throughout the evening. One thing so easily fit into the other. It felt like such common sense while in a state of feeling that there was no wrong answer, there is no mistake being good or bad or happy or sad.

It all felt like skin stretched over a stage for the universe to gawk at. A physical manifestation, momentary as it is. With the point being to feel the physical experience of being “stretched”. A stage like a level of existence, a stage like a floor show. Both apt comparisons to what is going on here.

Skin stretched over a stage. I keep going back to that because I have felt nothing but stretched this whole lifetime. Pulled in all directions, like a lampshade in Ed Gein’s house. Emotions, decisions, desires, pulling my being in all directions like a piece of dough being rolled out. For what purpose but other than to be pulled? To feel the full stage of humanity while corporeal. I think Buddha would leave it at that. Actually, he would have stopped explaining it awhile ago.

Written 10/27/2020, by The Artist D

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