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black-taxi-2014Hey,  you spicy pumpkin lattes here’s some news. On September 23Black Taxi will drop their new album, Electroshock Death Grip. The record is filled with funky guitar driven pop that is danceable with the biting lyrics we have come to love. After listening on iTunes to the song previews of Electroshock Death Grip, I’m getting a total 70’s vibe — fun grooves that just make you wanna move. Make sure you check their You Tube channel for the single and lyric video “Final Days” which will be out soon as well.  With fall now here, this new Black Taxi release gives us something retro-fun to listen to. Make sure you order your copy today.

Get it on iTunes 

CD Digi-Pack via No Shame Records 

Black Taxi on the web:
http://www.blacktaxi.com/  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  Soundcloud

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