“We’re hooked on the brand new EP from DWNTWN “The Red Room” – SPOTIFY

That alone should sum up how good DWNTWN is. Based out of Los Angeles, DWNTWN consists of Jamie Leffler, Robert Cepeda, and Jerrod Bettis. Sure, the lack of vowels in the name might be a bit strange but the music they produce makes up for this ten-fold. Synthy, dance driven beats with catchy choruses is what DWNTWN thrives on, but don’t let this fool you into thinking every one of their songs sound repetitive. Each song has a distinctive, signature sound, making it pretty much impossible to have a definite favorite. Since this is being posted on a Saturday, I figure I would post one of their more upbeat, “Hey, it’s the weekend, let’s go out and party” tracks. There’s also a nice little video of DWNTWN covering Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” because we all know that song. Enjoy! And be sure to visit their Facebook, where you can download their latest EP, “The Red Room” FREE!  Free is good!

Official Facebook

– JR

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