Laying it All Out for the World to See: Woe, Is Me

photograph by  RACHEL DOWD
photograph by RACHEL DOWD

For one to expose themselves to the world is a mark of a true artist. All vulnerabilities are left out on the table for the world to see.  A true artist stands up for what they believe in and fights any adversity head on in many expressive ways.  For the Atlanta based hardcore band Woe, Is Me, nothing is held back. They are indeed true artists. Their personal story of triumph through struggle is one that shines brightly on a pathway for their fans to follow . . . and follow they do.

The band has gone through many lineup changes in its four years as bands often do for various reasons. For this round the band consisting of Hance Alligood, Doriano Magliano, Kevin Hanson, Andrew Paiano , Brian Medley, and David Angle have dropped a little something to tide the fans over whilst they record their next album. On August 20th, the band dropped their newest EP entitled American Dream as an exclusive through both iTunes and Best Buy.  Let us tell you, the EP is the perfect display of versatility ever displayed by a rock or hardcore band. They start off with a taste of the hardcore, in your face, fist pounding rock they’re known for while throwing in some samples of electro-style drum beats for a little taste of something new to the genre. They then let you down gently with an acoustic sound that Woe, Is Me isn’t really known for, but certainly leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

As for much of Woe, Is Me’s music, they’re aware of the power of their lyrics. The first track “Stand Up” emphasizes what it really means to put on a show for those who really care about the music.  In the song, they take us to a magical time when being famous didn’t matter and the fans were always left feeling something special.  They bring a new connection to the art and this really livens up what has become a lifeless art form in some areas.

If the harder edge isn’t your style, you have two acoustic tracks to pick from on the EP.  One of the great standouts is “Restless Nights.” The track is about knowing your relationship isn’t going right but you’re sticking it out. Overall the song really slows the momentum of the higher paced tracks before it.  With its rich melody and calm tone, it’s a great cool down track. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if Woe, Is Me even considered dropping an acoustic EP, they do it quite well.

Woe, Is Me knows exactly what kind of band they want to be — a band with a message, a band that connects, a band of real artists.  If you want to see what real artists sound like, try running out to Best Buy or iTunes and purchase American Dream today.

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— Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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