Klinke auf Cinch’s “Broken Masters”

The German electronic quartet known as Klinke auf Cinch has recently released a new single called “Broken Masters” off their well-received album Highs & Hills.  The band consists of four members: Clemens Kynast on beats, production keys and electronics; Lutz Hartmann on samples and turntables; Patrick Follmer on guitar, trumpet, vocals and effects; and Martin Hansmann on vocals and effects.  After their debut in 2009 with their album palumar and a number of other side projects, including collaborations, remixes, digital and vinyl singles, 2012’s Highs & Hills was set to be a much anticipated refresher from a three-year-long absence.  This latest single, released last month along with an intriguing video, lives up to this group’s desire of harmonizing musical ingenuity with the techno-happy trend of the 21st century.  What “Broken Masters” gives us is the presence of technology that is not so overbearing, as can be the case in much of electronica and alternative rock of today.  Rather, the production combines this use of electronics with the laid-back flow of an acid jazz track.  This synergy makes “Broken Masters” an ideal track for anyone who is into downplayed electronica away from the fast-paced environment of the nightclub.  It’s a steady, yet energetic groove for many an eclectic listener. 

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Klinke auf Cinch on the web:


— Simone Brown

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