Stunning video from Klangstof

Occasionally a song and a video perfectly match and debut track “Hostage” from Norwegian artist Klangstof (Koen van de Wardt) is thankfully one of those occasions.  It’s one of those you can’t help but watch and hear again.

Drenched in a sea of fog and mystery it tells the story of a former soldier that lives on his own in a forest, isolated from society.  Koen says that the song is about being annoyingly uncomfortable while video director Menno Fokma adds that the soldier is “haunted by his past…fighting his inner demons”.

Dripping with drama and bristling with broodiness, it’s a compelling journey to satisfy the visual and aural senses.  You can hear the Radiohead influences but the song is held together with Grizzly Bear style sonics and harmonies and the latter half builds with a post rock air that compliments the story, with Fokma explaining that the soldier is slipping further into his memories, and being confronted by his vicious side.

You’ll be hooked so look out for more releases from Klangstof throughout 2016.


Klangstof on the web:
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