Kid Kasio releases “Letters of Love”

For a while now, I’ve been quite obsessed with virtually anything Kid Kasio makes. It would be safe to say he holds a special place in my heart as he was one of the first artists I had the honor of interviewing.  He has become this human time machine that transports the listener back to the 80’s. For someone like me who didn’t get to experience growing up in the 80s, the ride that Kid Kasio takes the listener on is a complete trip.

Following his 2012 solo debut Kasiotone, the London-based Nathan Cooper (also known as Kid Kasio) and has released a brand new single, “Letters of Love,” with The Sanfernando Sound (producer & remixer Jason Persad) in order to wet our appetites for the synth goodness that waits us from his next album.

The song is a classic story of a lovesick person ready to strike directly into the heart of the one they’re smitten for.  The sound doesn’t stray too far from what the album Kasiotone brought, maybe a little heavier on the production level, but those 80’s fans of the likes of Gary Numan, Nik Kershaw, and Duran Duran will love every retro move that Kid Kasio & The Sanfernando Sound bring with “Letters of Love.” It almost brings this retro dance club feel that really transcends the current club vibe. All I can say about the song is “Synths, synths and MORE SYNTHS!” It’s a pure throwback with respect to the artists who came before him.

Along with the single came one of the coolest videos I’ve seen this year.

The video, with the magic of CGI places Kid Kasio into the Italian TV show of the 70s/80s called “DiscoRing.” This is how I would imagine a Kid Kasio concert to look and feel. Thankfully we have technology to transport there!

New Wave isn’t dead! So take a look and tell us what you think below.

Kid Kasio on the Web:  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  YouTube


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