Juliette Reilly Drops “Rich People” Ahead of New EP

Nashville pop artist & anti-bullying advocate Julliete Reilly is gearing up for her new EP Unsaid, and just dropped her single “Rich People” to close out the year. It was written in her car last year after being at an industry party with a bunch of rich people who were born into money and gloating about how it allowed them to get ahead in their careers. The song not only speaks the blunt truth about unapologetic privilege but also serves as an undisputed club anthem that is meant to be blared through the speakers on a sweaty dancefloor (once the pandemic is over, of course).

“I know they ‘say mo’ money mo’ problems,’ and I have known some pretty miserable rich people (crying at the party…), but if we’re being honest, sometimes it’s just really hard to feel bad for their Rich People Problems,” says Juliette. “Like, I’m sorry you didn’t get the second beach house you wanted. In 2020, with the pandemic, the election in America, and such increasing emphasis on the low staying low and the rich getting richer, I find the lyrics to be even more relevant.”

Keep an eye out for Juliette Reilly’s new EP Unsaid, out this January. Listen to “Rich People” below.

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