Joviality, Or Getting Merry With Merriment

Merriment released their debut full-length album, Sway, on April 8th via Rory Records, an imprint of Equal Vision Records. Sway was recorded in Tyler, Texas – the band’s hometown – with Charlie Brand of Miniature Tigers as producer. The twelve-track album features the angelic harmonies of Christie DuPree over indie pop melodies infused with folk, creating a unique, hearty sound. Merriment is Christie DuPree on vocals, Collin DuPree on guitar, and Remington DuPree on drums.

Merriment has been touring with Equal Vision labelmates Eisley, comprised of their older siblings and cousins. Coming from a musically inclined family, it is no wonder that the youngest siblings of the DuPree family would choose a similar musical career. American Songwriter declared album track “Backwards” as “one of our favorite songs this year,” while Alternative Press featured Merriment as one of the “100 Bands You Need To Know In 2014.”

Personally, the song “Patterns” and the playful reasoning of a childish lover strikes a chord – “They say you’re a child at play, someone to stay that way, but I have got to believe in you.” – or perhaps strikes a beat, as the chorus weighs the rationale, “And your heart is kind. Well, it makes a pattern with mine. It goes one, two, three, one, two, three. Beat, beat on three.” Merriment’s debut album Sway will make your heart skip a beat with joviality.

Sway is available now!

Purchase the digital download via Amazon  or  iTunes  or a physical copy here.

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