Jaani Peuhu takes on Katatonia’s “Tonight’s Music”

In his latest video release, Finnish artist Jaani Peuhu, takes Katatonia’s “Tonight’s Music” on a sonic and visual journey around the world. Peuhu’s version is a great darkwave homage to metal.  He explains that he needed to take a break from his upcoming debut solo album and chose to clear his palate by turning to his favorite band, Swedish metal rock’s Katatonia.  Despite his own description of having “abused” the track, Katatonia was very impressed with Jaani’s version and promoted the video on their Facebook, describing it as “lovely”.

Click to get "Tonight's Music" via iTunes!
Click to get “Tonight’s Music” via iTunes!

And lovely is a good word.  Where the original song is very bass and drum heavy, Peuhu takes audio sandpaper to his arrangement yet still keeps the haunting element of the melody.  This version explores the sadder side of self-doubt.  In the original, the subject feels angry about their emotional and/or psychological state.  Jaani’s deep spirituality comes through seeking answers and help from the Divine, mourning the loss of self and sanity.  The former Iconcrash frontman continues to show his expertise in digital sound creation and engineering and leaves listeners excited for the release of his album.

Lovely is also the best word for all the location footage used in this video.  FourCulture’s own Andrew Ashley provided all the New York City scenes. Normally a still photographer, Ashley enjoyed the challenge of shooting moving pictures in his daily travels.  Other scenes were contributed by Jaani himself, Kirill Krysanov, Yuri Ylesny, Sabine Van Gameren, Olga Williams, Francesco Lucidi, Kuura Timonen, Ari Nieminen, Amanda Cachova, Alexandr Polozun. Aerials were filmed by: http://www.k3ilmakuvaus.fi/http://www.virtualworx.fi Locations include the UK, US, Mexico, Finland, Ukraine, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Brazil and Turkey.  Each segment is married perfectly to the point in the song that it is placed.

Jaani Peuhu has signed a recording and publishing deal with Playground Music Scandinavia and is currently preparing the autumn release of his debut solo album Tear Catcher.  For more information visit:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaanipeuhuofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaaniPeuhu
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jaanipeuhu
Tumblr: http://jaanipeuhu.tumblr.com

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