Jaani Peuhu: No Regrets

As part of his current solo project, Finnish artist Jaani Peuhu has released the official music video for “No Regrets”.  On Boxing Day, this incredible song made a great belated Christmas gift.  Although Peuhu categorizes previous music from his group Iconcrash as darkwave, synth pop and himself as “Goth1” in a video blog, this song along with previously released single “My Sky” are more genuine emotion and not at all angsty.

The story played out in this music video captures all the feelings of the song’s message without being overly literal.  There is drama without being too dramatic.  The players are believable and the settings familiar.   Lyrically the track speaks of common, simple feelings.  The melody is equally basic which allows it to be “dressed up” with electronic production that gives it just the right amount of complexity. The entire package is just right in every sense.

Peuhu has established a following in Finland and is working on extending his music’s reach to an international audience.  Based on what he has shared so far, this is not an impossible dream.  It is well-crafted, sincere and easily connectable.

“My Sky,” the first single from Jaani Peuhu’s forthcoming solo album, can be purchased on iTunes and listened to on Spotify. “No Regrets” will see its global digital release on January 7, 2014.

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— Kathy Creighton | @Mama_Kath

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