It’s a Cat! It’s a Giraffe! It’s…Coffee?

We here at Fourculture need to be honest…we would be nothing without coffee in our bloodstream. It is the number one drink of choice for many in the morning and  for night time party cray, it’s awesome with a splash of Irish cream.  When you fuse the world’s greatest drink with visuals, you indeed have our attention.

Meet Kazuki Yamamoto, a master of the latte arts. Beyond the basic steamed milk illustrations of leaves and hearts (boring!), Yamamoto has taken the classic latte to the next level. It’s a visual journey into your cup of Joe with a dive into pop culture. Imagine (bad pun coming up) waking up to a cup of coffee with John Lennon looking straight into your eyes from that favorite mug of yours. Yamamoto has done it. From cartoons, anime, portraiture and internet memes alike nothing is excluded from Yamamoto’s mug.

Recently, Yamamoto has raised the bar by sculpting the foam on top of the coffee  — everything from Hello Kitty to a long necked giraffe. These coffee sculptures only seem to be limited by Yamamoto’s imagination. If you happen to be in Japan, he makes appearances in and around Osaka for various coffee events.

For those who can’t afford a trip to Japan any time soon:
You can follow Kazuki Yamamoto on Twitter where he posts new latte creations regularly.
Check out some more of his work here: (in Japanese) or his blog: (in Japanese).

We are left wondering…what would our fabulous editor, The Artist D, look like in coffee?

 — Serena Butler | @LaRenceB

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