Introducing The Fire Beneath The Sea

The Fire Beneath The Sea are a 13 piece live hip-hop band from Liverpool. Well, I say hip-hop, but one listen to their wonderful debut EP, Phuxubtlety will reveal a myriad of influences, ranging from jazz to funk, ska to drum ‘n’ bass, and a whole load more besides.

Title track, “Phuxubtelty”, kicks things off in joyful fashion. A groove that is sweltering in it’s own funkiness eventually gives way to a rambunctiously rollicking chorus, during which you’ll find it impossible to sit still. Throughout this, the MCs trade flows that demand us to shake of the shackles, damn what the naysayers think, and just get on with enjoying our lives. Sat alongside this is the stunning female vocal, insisting that the “dice are rigged so grab your cash quick and flee.” A stunning start!

“Poor Little Fishy” exudes both musical and lyrical positivity, challenging you to make the most of your own life as opposed to being negative about others, “Why don’t you swim with me/Instead of trying to battle with the currents.” The track maintains a breathless tempo throughout, as the tight drum ‘n’ bass core allows the brass section to flourish gloriously.

“Swing The Pasta Bake” maintains the refreshingly life-affirming approach that seems to underpin everything The Fire Beneath The Sea do. As the title would suggest, a swing rhythm is adopted for this final track and it’ll no sooner be in your ears than enticing your feet onto the dancefloor. By now, you thoroughly believe this band when they tell you that, “We’re gonna be standing here, we’re gonna be dancing, gonna be prancing/Gonna be skanking long until the sun goes down.” Indeed, after listening to this you’ll be off to find them to join in!

The Fire Beneath The Sea on the web:

— Anthony Wilson | @ACurtisWilson

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