Introducing The Controversy

The Controversy
The Controversy

Rough and sharp edged like an uncut diamond, The Controversy is an award-winning dynamic duo paving the way for a musical revolution by way of deconstruction and raw creative power. Pulling from the best parts of 90’s alternative rock, They attack with focused aggression, scraping the fray of independent music with unabashed emotional candor. Powered by strong songwriting and enchanting, Siren-like vocals, The Controversy conjures airs of longing and sensuality inked by a darkness that tastes of experience, heartache, and pain.  This Los Angeles based band shines bright in a night sky full of dim stars. The Controversy is indeed a precious gem within the music business.

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— Charlie Demos | @CDEMZ
Charlie Demos is an award-winning songwriter, singer,
music producer,and performance artist in New York City. 



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