Introducing Iri5

530675_430271223712261_2003584232_nFrom her world surrounded by various forms of media comes a breath of fresh air in the art world. She goes by the name Iri5, but to her family and friends she’s just known as Erika Iris. The Princeton-based artist has already been making a splash in the pages of various publications with her “Ghost in the Machine” series.  In this series Iri5 uses materials such as cassette tape, VHS tape, and 33mm film just to name a few.  She uses these seemingly simple materials to construct scenes from pop culture’s greatest films as well as portraits of musicians past and present, and historical figures.  You may have seen her work grace the video of Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are.”

It’s just not the medium of film and tape that makes her as great as she is. Even using basic paper and text, this self-taught artist can create interesting portraits, eye popping designs, and classic works that should be seen to be enjoyed.

From ComicCon to the Grammys, Iri5’s eye-catching work is popping up everywhere.  Iri5 is only going to make your iris glow with delight. Check out her work below!

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