Introducing… Inspired & The Sleep

Inspired1-500x500_zpsugym3gcySan Diego outfit Inspired & the Sleep have a new EP, Eyelid Kid out as far away as October but the preview videos released this summer have certainly whet the appetite at Fourculture Central.

The band name comes from two opposites, suggesting both a balance and a lack of balance.  Inspiration and sleep as concepts conflict yet combine, just as the lo-fi groove-based indie pop ingredients on offer here merge strangely to provide interesting sounds.

“Time Travel” was featured as one of our first Sunday Morning Slices (a regular slot on our Facebook page) with its smooth, effortless indie pop catching the ear just as much as the eye-catching video filled with pole dancers.

More recently they have previewed “Sleeps Well on Knives”, a shorter piece with a more cinematic video full of blood, snow and unanswered questions.  The vocals of Max Greenhalgh are able to breathe easier here, his falsetto devouring enunciated Wild Beast-style lyrics.  The song ends with a climax of harmonies with a ‘show don’t tell’ feel to the visuals leaving you with your own interpretations.

If you can’t wait until October then previous EP, Coming Up For Air is available on Bandcamp.

Inspired & The Sleep on the web:
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