Introducing Brendan Maclean

Whenever a ukulele enters the picture, you know your head has just exploded into an inferno of awesomeness. This is where Aussie singer-songwriter Brendan Maclean enters into the realm we call Fourculture. Via Amanda Palmer-style eccentrics and a Jeff Buckley-meets-Rufus-Wainright sound, Brendan’s music tells Top 40 radio they can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. He’s an artist that stays true to himself and doesn’t bow to the mainstream. He’s got a few amazing videos under his belt. One of my favorites is “Practically Wasted” in which Brendan brings the viewer to a gloriously dark and quirky circus side show.

These days, Brendan is getting “Stupid” (I’m not calling him stupid: it will be the first single off his upcoming record, which happens to be the focus of his first Pozible campaign). For this next album, he’ll be working with Paul Mac (the mastermind behind Silverchair and The Dissociatives) and creating fresh, new sounds for the masses. Brendan’s goal for this project is simple — to make something with new sounds and ideas you’d never expect. Check out some of Brendan’s work below. If you like what you hear, why not donate to Pozible and get your hands on the full length record?

— SB

Homepage photo by Brock Elbank

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