In Review: Miles Kane, O2 Brixton Academy, London

Photograph by Mark Sharpley
Photograph by Mark Sharpley

There have been quite a few notable musicians from Liverpool over the last few years. The Beatles, The La’s, and The Coral for example and let’s just say they have done pretty well. Now Miles Kane is the latest addition to an illustrious list and in Brixton, he was determined to show the people what he is all about. In a cloud of smoke and a flash of many, many lights he opens up with “Bombshells” and then in quick succession follows up with “You’re Gonna Get It” and “Taking Over,” all three tracks from his latest offering Don’t Forget Who You Are. The fourth song in is “Rearrange” with Kane manically whizzing around the stage whilst his excellent band are feeling the noise. “What Condition Am I In?” is the next song in a set that has the crowd hanging on his every lyric whilst giving the usual vocal backup when needed.

“First Of My Kind” is the sixth song after Kane checks on the crowd to see how they are doing, making sure everybody in the seats and at the back is enjoying themselves. And they are! “Quicksand” and “Better than That” are the next on the list followed by a little jamming session with the theme from Our Man Flint given the Miles Kane treatment. “Kingcrawler” is the halfway point song before Kane does two for the ladies in the audience with “Take the Night from Me” and “My Fantasy.”

“Tonight” picks up the tempo again before a nod to The Rolling Stones comes in the shape of “Sympathy for the Devil” which then goes straight into “Give Up.” “Out Of Control” and “Inhaler” keep the crowd singing until the show stopping “Don’t Forget Who You Are” gets everybody la-la-la’ing along in what is one of this year’s rock anthems.

After a short break, Kane acoustically returns to the stage with “Colour of the Trap,” but not before telling his fans he wished he could stay on the stage forever. The final song of the evening has the crowd getting encouragement from Kane by his “ARE YOU READY FOR IT BRIXTON!” battle cry and he and his audience explode into “Come Closer,” with Kane providing the whoas to their a-haaaas.

Miles Kane is bringing a 60’s style of psych rock to a modern crowd and the former Rascals front man pulls it off stylishly and, most of all, loudly. It’s quite ironic that his album is called Don’t Forget Who You Are because with the quality of his music, no-one will be forgetting who Miles Kane is for a very long time.

— Mark Sharpley | @MarkSharpley1

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