Immigrant Union Release “I Can’t Return”

Aussie supergroup, Immigrant Union, released the first video single “I Can’t Return” from their sophomore album, Anyway.  Its U.S. premiere is on American Songwriter and is currently available for purchase on iTunes.

“I Can’t Return” is psychedelic folk rock described as “Spiritualized being baptized in a warm bath of Creedence Clearwater” by front man Brent DeBoer.  DeBoer brings his shoe-gaze sensibilities to Immigrant Union to this track from his other band, Dandy Warhols.  This song is an eery, yet simple melody that frames the the more important element, the lyrics.

The track is already dark in its story, director Mike Bruce (Noel Gallagher, Black Mountain, Paul McCartney), then chose to take the music video to an even more macabre level, exploring the mind and emotions of a man’s extreme choices when jealousy is pushed to the limit by a cheating lover.  Bruce cast Omar Doom of the film Inglorious Basterds and Carolyn Stotesbery of Love and Mercy.  Bruce knew, due to his friendship with Doom, that he could push the actor to his limits to achieve the results he was looking for and do justice to the song.  Bruce says he is extremely pleased with the results.  The final product does have artistic merit but is a bit disturbing too.

Immigrant Union will be traveling to the U.S. in September to play Americana Festival this September in Nashville, TN.

For more information in Immigrant Union visit: |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube

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