Holla – A Debut from Sinclair to Shout About

With a plethora of indistinguishable female vocalists thrown at you from every direction, it is always nice to find an individual to blow away those cobwebs that hang from the fake eyelashes of those tired, artificial pop stars.

Sinclair has an interesting background and a story to tell, and it’s a real one, not a saccharine-coated pathos designed for a reality TV show.  At odds with her pastoral father and family over coming out as a lesbian, Sinclair left upstate New York and moved to Nashville to find a new musical and personal identity.

“Holla” is her debut single and is essentially silky smooth pop with a Nashville twang.  The chorus is pure pop but “Holla” also hints at more bluesy elements that may come with future releases.  As a word and a song, “Holla” is the perfect attention-grabbing statement to stand out from the crowd.

Sinclair on the web: Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Paul Davies

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