Hilliat Fields releases The Waiting

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Hilliat Fields creates music as a means of personal therapy. Listening to his newest release, The Waiting, you take away a special Zen vibe. It’s as if he passes that bit of therapy forward.  Based out of Oxfordshire, Hilliat Fields began his journey a decade ago. He doesn’t talk much about himself, because he feels everything the listener would need to know is presented through his music. As you listen and the story unfolds you see his point. The passion is unmistakable, resulting in clear, heartfelt overtures.

The Waiting is filled with treasure. “Nothing”, is not what the title suggests.  With resonant tones, it makes you feel like you are emerging from a state of nothingness into a universe of fulfillment. Percussion leads off a charged emotional atmosphere in “Stay”; full, robust alto sounds are dominant and the song holds you securely captive in its grasp. “The Quiet”, opens eerily, followed by rushing, animalistic percussion, that paradoxically paints a picture of the stillness and beauty of a quiet path or peaceful place in nature far away from the hectic drive of a city and it’s demanding chaos.

As he describes it, Hilliat Fields has a process of ”mentally switching off and seeing the finished product.” Then, typically, he adds lyrics to match the rhythm and emotion.  In the case of The Waiting he left the lyrics out, instead keeping it a pure, harmonic and instrumental sound. Listening is sure to invoke a deep meditation. The beautiful mix of synth sounds and instruments, which swell and pulse, awakens and empowers the inner aspects of the soul.

The Waiting officially dropped on March 1, 2014.  The album is an incredible, essential, piece of a deep meditation experience.  It not only showcases the talent of this brilliant artist, but demonstrates the depth of passion and spiritual essence poured into it by its creator.

The next time you take a trip inside yourself, invite Hilliat Fields along, and go ever deeper into the state of gentle expectant enrichment.  Enter that space between worlds where one waits for enlightenment, and take with you this incredible album, The Waiting.

The Waiting is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Hilliat Fields on the web: www.hilliatfields.com  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  Reverbnation 

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