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Hijack Stories

Get your ears ready to be overwhelmed because Fourculture is rolling out new chunks of goodness once again, the latest coming from London.  Hijack Stories is an indie rock band that was brought together in 2013 by Remy Rosengarten, guitar & piano and Scott Jackson, bass. They added Gareth Pugh on vocals and added Evan Prettyman on drums this year.

The band released a self-titled three song EP in 2013 which went very well for them. Real rock songs, played by real musicians on actual instruments. What a concept! As I have stated over and over I truly believe that Rock is not dead, despite all declarations to the contrary made by Gene Simmons, it’s just aged and needed a nap. When you hear a band like Hijack Stories you realize the alarm has rung and it is waking up with a vengeance. Check them out on their various social media sites listen and download the EP on Soundcloud. I hope we get to hear more from them soon.

Hijack Stories on the web:
http://www.hijackstories.com/  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  Soundcloud

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