Happiness Is definitely Taking Back Sunday

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After fifteen years, Taking Back Sunday is still the premiere in Long Island emo rock.  Yes, Adam’s voice has mellowed with age and the band has had to make its adjustments before returning to almost its original line up.  But they have never lost their core self or compromised their sound and message.

Happiness Is  is TBS’ sixth studio album, the first released on Hopeless Records. It drops on March 18 and is currently streaming on Pandora and Amazon.  This was a great marketing idea because once current fans and potential new fans listen, they will definitely be buying this one.  Every track drips with the Taking Back Sunday sound…powerful, large guitar riffs, a bass line that provides that extra darkness, drums that keep the beat pumping and Lazzara’s rough edged vocals.  There are lines of melody borrowed from previous songs but reworked not to sound dated.  Every lyric is brand new.  Taking Back Sunday has not given up on pointing all the sadness, anger and anxiety of the human condition and our relationships.  Happiness Is what is just out of reach, it is not the story of this album but something that the subjects of these tracks see beyond their reach.  They are stuck having to deal with the negativity that fills their real lives.  Taking Back Sunday presents all this bleakness in a way that listeners can’t help at least head bopping to if not getting into a good mosh pit over.  These melodies and arrangements are expertly crafted and easy to listen to.  Kudos to Adam, Eddie, John, Shaun and Mark on this one.  They have put out another great album.

Admittedly, this review is from the point of view of someone who has been an avid fan since 2006.  This record does not disappoint on any level.  Definitely grab a beer, visit Amazon or Pandora and listen.  

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Taking Back Sunday on the web:
www.takingbacksunday.com  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  YouTube  |  MySpace

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