Hands Like Houses return with video for new single “Space”

photo by Micala Austin

Australian rockers, Hands Like Houses, have debuted a new single and video!  The new song is called “Space” and as vocalist Trenton Woodley has explained, this song came at a time that felt particularly suffocating while recording.  The mental and physical exhaustion of the pressures and expectations were just too much and he felt he was coming up short.

I think the song really captures that pressure we felt having to refine our raw ideas and work through our differences in taste and personality while recording,” he says.

The song reflects this not only through its lyrics but with the harder drum and guitar sections while Trenton wails “I need space!”.  However, don’t think the entire thing reflects nothing but a breakdown.  Lighter, higher sections and instrumentation counteract that feeling and lend a spirit and hope to the song that reflects both paths one could take.  Yes, it’s a cry for space, but not without a positive light at the end of the proverbial tunnel which feels very relatable to all sorts of situations, not the least of which the situations the world finds itself in within the last few months.

The video, directed by Rhys Graham and produced by Jensen Cope, very much reflects this feeling and time as well showing a sense of isolation while still trying to hold on to a way of communication and connection.  Sound familiar lately?

This is a bit lighter, softer, sound for Hands Like Houses and it will be interesting to see where they are going with this and how they are growing and adapting given the “space.”  Check out the new video for “Space” below and hopefully, we can see more from Hands Like Houses soon!

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