Hail Mhairi…essential new listening

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It’s Tuesday, I’m bored and I need to hear something jaw-droppingly good.  And so do you.

Fortunately “Crystalline” by Mhairi has been released today and this is a world you will want to immerse yourself in.  It’s one of those songs you know is going to be special very early on and I envy you your first listen, your first voyage of discovery.

The 20-year-old initially began in the folk/acoustic field but fortunately for us her influences and sound have developed allowing for a more dramatic sound.

It starts off in a dark place where synths are waspish and hi-hats flutter, chirping like crickets.  As time goes on it becomes a more ethereal, dreamy environment where pads and synth strings flutter around you.

If this is the soundtrack then the vocal of Mhairi is the main feature, gliding on top with a fractured beauty mixing other-wordly and angelic.

As she delivers lines like ‘In darkness I would roam and tell you I was haunted’ you cannot help but get goose bumps for many different reasons

Irresisible, hypnotic, this is essential listening.


Mhairi on the web:
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