Friday FourPlay – 7 August

It’s Friday!  Another array of stimuli to make FourPlay that extra special…


MIAMI HORROR – Cellophane (So Cruel)

Visually and sonically exciting, Australian four-piece Miami Horror reveal here a disco full of retro funky synth surprises and Mr Tickle limbs.  A great song to start the party off, “Cellophane (So Cruel)” is from their All Possible Futures album and it’s out now.



Adorable super8 film footage and what makes it even more delightful is the fact that it was shot randomly without a song video in mind.  The slow, almost lazy psychedelic drawl of Sunshine & The Blue Moon is just as alluring with hints of 60s, lo-fi and quirk.  Effortlessly cool.


YOUNG BORRA – Surround Sound

Girls! Synths! Hosiery!  So many FourPlay fantasies in one video…
However, debut single “Surround Sound” is a nice 80s, hook-filled slab of spacey electro new wave from Young Borra.  Singer Jonas Young-Borra was a model too so it’s not just all about the girls.  There’s also a man with a ginger beard and glasses.


THE CITIE – “Leaders of the World”

Here’s the new single from all-sibling guitar poppers The Citie.  The LA group look like they should be in a TV show and it’s hard not to get swept along with their fresh-faced enthusiasm. Upbeat and infectious, “Leaders of the World” follows their previously acclaimed single “Immortal”and it’s out now.


More FourPlay shenanigans next week!


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