Friday FourPlay – 4 September

So we had a break from FourPlay last week…did you notice?  We return now with some more playful tunes and videos to delight and stimulate:


Western Scene – “See What You Want To”

Stop motion videos are cute but they are even more delightful when the wooden characters in it were created in the band’s own workshop.  This new single from LA duo Western Scene has catchy indie elements similar to Foster the People and provides a last breath of summer as September begins.  Look out for a forthcoming EP.


Alphamama – “Spit Me Out”

This smooth, late night seductive affair is from Sydney artist Alphamama whose love of jazz, soul, hip hop and world music is clear on this, her first release in three years.  Constantly exploring female sexuality in her work, this video depicts subtle BDSM relationship themes from submission to glitter-infused power.


Le1f – “Koi”

When a song comes along and you don’t know what to make of it then you know that somehow it must be good.  Throw in a video full of weird, trippy shenanigans and you have the full package.  This mix of NY rapper Le1f with the futuristic sounds from London producer SOPHIE is an intriguing precursor to forthcoming album, Riot Boi.  You will love it.  You will hate it.


Geneviève Bellemare – “Shenanigans”

Did someone say ‘shenanigans’?  I mentioned the word above but these are shenanigans of a different, more soulful kind.  Meet Geneviève Bellemare who has debut album, Melancholy Fever out on September 18 and if this single is anything to go by we will have 12 songs of bold, sassy soul-pop.




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