Friday FourPlay – 18 September

You should probably indulge in FourPlay more than once a fortnight…but sometimes you just have to go along with what you can get.   Here’s another pre-weekend selection of newbies:


KAT VINTER – Islands

Slow, stylish simplicity with buzzing synths, cinematic vocals and Matmos-like percussion.  It’s an instant hit whatever frame of mind you are in.  “Islands” is the title track from Kat Vinter‘s EP and the third to be released.  There’s also a remix  EP available.



Here’s a dark atmospheric Italian duo for you.  Schonwald conjure up a dark, dreamy, reverb laden noise reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and The KVB.  The video is full of the expected poise and poses in all the right shades of black.  It’s a taster from forthcoming album Between Parallel Lights, out November.

SOPHIE LOWE – “Understand”

Initially sounding like Kate Bush over 1979 Numan-esque synths, this song transcends into something more contemporary like Banks or Lapsley but maintaining a commercial originality.  Fresh and addictive….this is Sophie Lowe.


MOANA – “Elephant Bones”

Described as “psychedelic acid-art, jungle rock”, Perth group Moana deliver a single that is equal parts mystical, compelling, dark and dramatic (despite the flute solo).  Lucky for you that it is released today.





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