FREE Sampler from Mrs. Skannatto

Rochester, NY based ska-rock band, Mrs. Skannatto, are kicking off their summer tour.  To thank their fans and kick off the tour, these rockers are offering a free download sampler!  The sampler includes 4 songs off of their LPs as well as a new acoustic version of “The Blame.”

Mrs. Skannatto released their fifth studio album, All These Evolutions, in February of this year and after 15 years they haven’t lost a beat.  While they stick pretty close to the third wave of ska, you will still find some interesting new twists within the music of Mrs. Skannatto.

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Check them out with the FREE sampler available on 
Bandcamp: or Soundcloud: 

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 Follow Mrs. Scannatto on Twitter and give them a Like on Facebook.



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