Warren Nomi delivers with #TIMEWarped

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Warren Nomi has a vocal range which would make Mariah Carey proud.  Channelling the sounds of Freddie Mercury, with more than just a subtle resemblance to Mika, he has a voice worth noticing.

Nomi released his first album, #TIMEWarped, on January 30 in the wake of a charity campaign featuring his single, “Love Out Loud”. All proceeds generated from the song went to anti-bullying/ suicide awareness campaigns.  Nomi doesn’t stick to a strictly charitable feel with his music, however.  This is an album geared toward a dance/pop and electronica genre that will keep you moving.  There is a strong sexual undertone to many songs, and some as a potent overtone.  As his voice slides over octaves, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the pulsing beat of his dance-invoking songs.

The appropriate song “Eye Candy” speaks to finding love across the room, but could more aptly be applied to the artist himself.  Warren Nomi teases with his tantalizing lyrics, inspiring a dance beat which makes your living room or car become your own nightclub. He covers “How Did You Know” by Kurtis Montronik, as well as “My Love is For Real” by former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.  His covers pay respect to the talents of the artists, while adding his own funky electro vibe and spiking their musical punch.

This is an album worth adding to your collection, especially if you love to move. Take a listen to the album, and I dare you not to feel your sexual instincts kick in.  You can purchase the album on iTunes.

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Free Download: “How Did You Know?”  

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— Aaron Wallace

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