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Gareth Thomas heads [debut], the music and art collective with an ever-changing cast. The music he creates is a glorious blend of electronica and alternative rock with classical overtones. This mix allows [debut] to deliver something new and dynamic with each release.  Always looking to create an unforgettable fan experience, Gareth welcomes collaboration with fellow musicians, artists, photographers and filmmakers.  He is currently working on a new album entitled “Postcards From Berlin” and we’re excited to see and hear the magic these collaborations will create.

Today, Fourculture would like to offer you a FREE DOWNLOAD of [debut]’s 2013 single “Starting to Love It”.   The song features Cyd St Claire, a singer/songwriter who dabbles in “any genre with hyphens.”  We strongly recommend blasting this one in the car. The video for this awesome song was shot, directed and edited by Chris Corner. Janine Gezang assisted with shooting as well as lighting. Gareth produced the video in association with Orphic, Chris Corner’s art collective.

Look for our interview with [debut] in our next issue!

Download “Starting to Love it” below!

Check out [debut]’s Kickstarter here.

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