Free Download for World Goth Day

It’s World Goth Day and two goth pioneers have crawled from their crypts to honor the occasion with a free download.  Created by Lee M (a.k.a. DJ Cruel Britannia) and Mark D (the man behind the post-punk/gothic outfit Carnival Star), CODENAME : LOLA is their post-punk/alternative/gothic rock endeavor dedicated to the world-wide event.  It’s a project with no real plan other than to say Thank You for supporting World Goth Day all these years.

Today, they have released a cover of a little-known track by seminal post-punk band The Sound entitled “New Dark Age”. The track is from the 1981 album From The Lion’s Mouth and it was written by frontman/songwriter Adrian Borland who passed away in 1999.  CODENAME : LOLA’s version of the song is a more aggressive, fuller bodied incarnation without losing too much of the bleak soundscape of the original. Listen closely and you’ll hear Borland’s pained voice in the first verse.

Download CODENAME : LOLA’s “New Dark Age” here.



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