FOURCULTURE 5 Ft. SIRPAUL, Needle Factory, Toneazy, Youthkills

Issue 5
Issue 5

Fourculture exists to celebrate the fight of the artist. In every issue we strive to bring you the voices of the underground, those that have made the conscious decision to let themselves be heard. Some speak through music and lyrics, such as our cover story on SIRPAUL or musician Anna Rose who both strive to speak their life experiences through song. Others, like author G.D. Falksen, pull vivid stories from their imaginations, putting pen to paper in hopes that their readers will gain something from the words that they write. Artist Cristabel Christo tells the story of her troubled past through her insightful artwork. Each of these incredible artists said “Yes” when it could have been so much easier to say “No.” They decided to do rather than not to do.

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