Fourculture Exclusive – Your Mom’s All-Star Mixtape (prod. by Electrosexual)

Here is a fine summer showcase of artists on the Berlin label Your Mom’s Agency, exclusive to Fourculture.

Lovingly compiled and mixed by Electrosexual, this free download is as retro-futurist as you’d expect featuring remixes and new songs from twelve artists on the YMA roster, including Billie Ray Martin, Local Suicide, Snax and Electrosexual himself.  It’s a varied electronic mix that can soundtrack a summer drive or a late night party.

With a sudden emphasis on the 90s in dance right now there is a welcome nostalgic hint throughout, with analogue sounds at the forefront.  It takes you back to the time when ‘trance’ was a label for more chilled dance music.  While there is more of an emphasis on mood than hooks, there are still plenty of big house vocals and catchy elements to keep the interest.

The mix takes in classic sounds with basslines swerving between the acidic and the funky.  One highlight, the In Fragranti remix of Local Suicides, features funk (bass) and dub (synth) along with a timeless female chorus.  The playlist mixes drama and euphoria and in some cases (the Dexima remix of Dear Strange) we get both within one song.

With such variety you may not like every song on offer of course.  For me the playlist is at its peak at the 20-35 minute mark with more altogether, focused smooth sounds , a hazier shade of summer.



Electrosexual – Silver Soul
Plateau Repas – Follow Me (Perception Remix)
Local Suicide – We Can Go Everywhere (In Flagranti Remix)
Bobby Starrr vs Mamasweed – Jam Jam Jam (DJ Rocca Jack Mix)
Snax – Up And Coming Children (Hard Ton remix)
Billie Ray Martin – Pacemaker (E-Smoove’s Mission Vocal)
Hanin Elias & Electrosexual – Automatic People (Yeti Popstar Remix)
Dear Strange – The Unicorn (Dexima Remix)
Kritzkom – Huit
MST & Anna Cavazos – Just Dancing (Luyo Ogun Afro Tech Mix)
Black Cracker – Waterfall ft. Ahmad Larnes (Schwarz Don’t Crack)
Black Cracker – Only You
Hyenaz – It Was Not The Earth


Your Mom’s Agency website


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