FC Exclusive Premiere: New Video and EP from Snow In Mexico

Fourculture is proud to debut the new video for “The Call” from the EP, Juno Beach by Snow In Mexico.

unnamed (3)Snow In Mexico are Andrea Novelli and Massimiliano Cruciani; formed in Rome in 2008 as a shoegaze/dream pop band they released their first self-titled EP in 2009. This was a very shoegaze inspired record drawing from the likes of Slowdive and Cocteau Twins. They followed this up with Prodigal Summer in 2012 evolving the concept; all washed in distortion, reverb and spaced vocals, evoking My Bloody Valentine and the electronic haze of Ulrich Schnauss.

Third and latest EP Juno Beach has moved their sound on further and what a joy it is…

The spacious, reverb-heavy shoegaze is still there but Novelli and Cruciani have added a layer of programming, sequencers and drum machines to create something akin to chillwave.

Opener ‘The Call’ is a hint at the ‘new’ and here is the brand new video for it exclusive to Fourculture:

Washed synths are underpinned by hard-edged, jagged sequencers and drum machine. It’s all very John Carpenter 80’s soundtrack with traces of Italo-disco. A female phone filtered voice sits in the mix giving it a neo-noir feel as the barely-there whispered vocals of Cruciani mingle with expansive synth chords.

Next we have the undoubted highlights of the EP, “Juno Beach” and the blissed out “Sunshine”.

The title track pushes us firmly into chillwave territory melding the likes of future-retro-ist Mitch Murder with Ulrich Schnauss at his electro-shoegaze best. Huge reverb washed chords counter the staccato bassline which are interwoven with warm and spacey vocals. The analogue warmth and glow of the Juno synthesizer smooth and mellow the steady pulse-beat that harkens back to the 1980’s.

The achingly beautiful “Sunshine” opens with ethereal synth washes and a warm descending bassline. It picks you up and carries you on a wave of drowsily gorgeous progressive chords. The vocals melt into the shimmering melodies and become themselves instruments as each part melds together to create one glorious amorphous whole.

“Gentle Rain” is a somewhat muted end but still has the power to soothe and calm and ties the EP together neatly.

Best listened to on headphones where you can totally immerse yourself in the whole dreamlike haze that leaves you with a fuzzy morphine glow.

Out now on Saint Marie Records.

Snow in Mexico on the web:
Website  | Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Soundcloud

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