Fourculture Exclusive Premiere: Danniel Oickle “Start Of A New Day”

10922713_10152573464676403_4421613167593807177_nWe’ve all had our rough days, months, and sometimes even years. It takes growth within oneself to know that with every sunrise there’s a chance to start again. For the now Montreal, Canada-based Danniel Oickle, he has taken the chance to start again after a rough year to heart by showcasing what he does best in latest single “Start of a New Day.”

This is a ballad that is bit of a sound turn from what we know best from Danniel’s past releases. Sitting at a piano, Danniel covers the darkest emotions that one person can endure, escaping the struggles of the past and reaching out for the new positive future no matter what the world around you is like at the current moment. Without knowing what brought Danniel to his rough year, throughout you feel the sense of strain and struggle in the melody to overcome the storm. With the piano being hit heavily, it brings a tearful emotion, a culmination of all the negativity just ready to escape. Lyrically, there’s this sense of strength with the constant reassurance that maybe he can start over. It’s not a dark ballad but one that brings happiness with its powerful message. “Start of a New Day” has a Broadway–like quality, similar to a climax of a show when a lead character is feeling so alone in the world and fighting to gain happiness once again. It’s almost like you can see through Danniel’s eyes.

The main quality of the song is that there aren’t many songs in the world that have a universal relatable message. “Start of a New Day” breaks that mold. We’ve all had our bad days, and for many of us music is a great art form to escape from that reality. With “Start of a New Day” you have that quality that feels like Danniel is saying “hey, I’m here, I know what you’re going through. I understand. We can get through this together.”

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