Fourculture: Beyond the Mainstream

fc coverFourculture is proud to announce its first music compilation featuring 20 amazing independent artists from around the globe. Fourculture: Beyond the Mainstream is one of three compilations created in an effort to support, the network who hosts Fourculture Radio.  Through the years, OnAir Tunes has grown into an international network of friends, affiliates and partners who give independent artists a platform to be heard through any internet connected device. Fourculture is very proud to be a part of this network.  After many years spent supporting artists and sharing their music, we are asking those who appreciate our efforts to step up and support what we do and keep the music we all love alive.

Get Fourculture: Beyond the Mainstream here

We’d like to thank the artists and labels who have taken part in creating this release. Their contribution shows the value of what Fourculture and OnAir Tunes does for emerging and hardworking artists every day. Thank you for believing in us. Our thanks also goes to our affiliates who have made these digital releases available.

Fourculture: Beyond the Mainstream features these amazing artists:

Noblesse Oblige

Jaani Peuhu



The Controversy

Victor DeLorenzo

My Personal Murderer


Vain Machine


Brett Gleason




Photostat Machine

Misty Boyce

The Autumn Stones


Derek Bishop

Danniel Oickle

For more information on this campaign, please visit the OnAir Tunes GoFundMe page.


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