Fjord return with new single “If I was to call”

Canadian duo Fjord have just released “If I was to call”, the second single from their forthcoming Shallow Waters EP.

Following on from the laid-back cinematic air created on their Textures EP in 2016, these new songs have an understated vibe that recalls London Grammar, though “If I was to call” has a seductive androgynous vocal that melts like the 80s soul of Sade.

The duo acknowledge that co-producer Tim Bran “ gave it a little bit of an 80’s power ballad feeling, but without the cheese that usually comes with the genre. It’s our personal favorite, preferably enjoyed with a glass of red wine.”

The new songs have an introspective mood with downtempo arrangements given emotional life by the Quebec Symphonic Orchestra. Previous single “Lay Down Your Veil” is a great example of this, being ambient pop for either a rainy Sunday morning or for a Saturday night in when you want to turn the smooth chilled factor up to 11.

Shallow Waters EP will be released on January 25

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